Quilts 4 Cancer has grown

into quite the event in recent years here in Pahrump, and according to local officials the call for the product the organization provides is greater than ever. "Our current need is to provide quilts for Nye County adults now undergoing treatment for cancer," explains Barb Johnston.

We did an informal survey of doctors in Pahrump and I think there may be as many as 300 adults being treated for various forms of cancer in this community alone.

"Being treated with chemotherapy makes you feel cold all the time." "Our mission is to provide a bit of warmth for people going through treatment. Frequent CAT Scans, radiation and other procedures can be hard to endure.

Taking your quilt from home to the medical facility does more than just protect you from the chill - it gives you something familiar to hold on to. It's comforting."

To qualify for a comfort quilt, all you need is a note from your doctor - on letterhead or on a prescription pad - stating you are being treated for cancer. Quilts 4 Cancer doesn't ask for any other medical information. Not even a last name is required. To maintain patient privacy, Barb will also deliver a quilt to a doctor's office in Pahrump.

We're making quilts for the opening of the VA Hospital in Las Vegas, NV.

This is all volunteer with out sponsors, we're doing what we can to help in funding for supplies. QUILTS 50 x 70 or larger, we're looking for lots of Military, and Red White Blue, but will take ANYTHING in a quilt, top, or blocks.
We have many Volunteers that will sew up your "UFO" & "PIGS" and use up that unwanted "ugly" fabric.

Most of our Veterans are men, yet some are ladies, and yes we're looking for a few quilts for our Lady Veterans.
This is a special outreach of Quilts 4 Cancer. Please make checks payable to Q4C and
mail to:
P O Box 4702
Pahrump, NV 89041,
(tax deductible)

We have a special pattern made for us and this project, or use your patterns or what you like to make.

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Quilts 4 Cancer makes simple, comfort quilts for people with cancer. An independent national charity, Quilts 4 Cancer is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information on Quilts 4 Cancer visit www.quilts4cancer.org. For photos of events and quilts see: http://community.webshots.com/user/barbquilts4cancer